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[Beat & Neku ; Beat & Shiki] ; Unravel

SubaSeka/World Ends With You
: Daisukenojo Bito & Sakuraba Neku or Daisukenojo Bito & Misaki Shiki

Comments: Oh, man, this game is owning my soul. Any of you who have not played World Ends With You need to go and buy the game... and the DS if you don't have it. That's all I have to say. Anyway, not far into the game so can't write much, but my fingers couldn't rest without pouring out a whole story in few words, making it vague and complicated and a little bit of wicked, where attraction is almost more important than living, but not quite important enough in the end anyway - even if it does its damnedest. But anyway. Must stop having this ridiculous early-morning highs!

It's day two and there are still a million and one ways to hell from here, but it doesn't seem so bad in the end. Even as Rhyme's thinking through things, which Beat is content to let her figure out since she's much better at it anyway and isn't that the point, Beat is thinking of things too. But these are things that don't matter here, things that are cluttering up a part of his brain unnecessarily, and he feels irritated and out-of-sorts.

Already here in the Underground he's finding this new rule that chafes. It's not Beat and Rhyme; it's Beat-and-Rhyme. It's not Phones and Shiki, it's Phones-and-Shiki. Or, in some corner of that earnestly buzzing thought process that's in itself a corner of the whole in the first place, it's Neku-and-Shiki, which is even worse. Something about Neku-and-Shiki makes him feel irritated about Beat-and-Rhyme, though in general Beat-and-Rhyme sounds pretty damn fine indeed.

Then there's the fact that Neku-and-Shiki gives odd little tugs to his heart, where many strings are stealthily attached and hidden from the outside.

"...and I think that wraps it up," Rhyme says, and the part of Beat that's listening nods importantly.

"Then let's go," he wants to say - is going to say - before there's a voice at his shoulder and false unravels into a real that makes him feel too crowded in a world that doesn't see him at all.


.... I think I'm going to enjoy having you in the fandom. Your writing is really fascinating. The surrealist quality to it is rarely seen outside of shitty stoner-stories from intro writing courses, and they never pull it off like this. Also, you should know that your first and last sentences are spectacular. Your only weakness is that sometimes it gets lost in the surrealism and just gets ambiguous...
...I definitely did strikethrough instead of italics. ._. Now I feel smart.
Let's feel smart together? ehehehe. I figured that was what you meant.
The entire point is really the ambiguous; the surrealism just came about because it's ambiguous, if that makes sense? But thank you!!! :D

Shitty stoner stories rofl

ETA: Wanted to add that I really don't mind analysis and criticism. I tend to overthink my own works as it is and always am like, "OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK DID I WRITE THIS IS CRAP WHAT." And, well...

Also, what the hell? I'm using eheheheh everywhere. WHERE DID IT COME FROM.

Edited at 2008-07-11 04:16 pm (UTC)
*sneaks in* I probably used it a bunch when we talked yesterday XD I think overthinking your work isn't necessarily a bad thing; you do end up worrying more but you also put more care into it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff as well^^
MAH MAMA-MISTRESS-OWNER-LADY. *rubs around ankles and purrs.*

I hope it's not, because I can get neurotic in overanalyzing my own writing. :D You woke up?
Aww~ *scratches behind ears* I can be the same way. *nods* I think that as long as it doesn't get to the point where you can't stand to post anything because of how many flaws you imagine in it, then it's okay to be that way a bit...
I just post because I get tired of myself being so... worried. ROFL
Aww. I can relate to that; "Screw it I'll never make it right so here. *post*"
Exactly!!! XD
I saw that post of yours, but my reading isn't yet up to the level where I could understand it^^; It was more SubaSeka stuff, right?

((Do you have any IM clients? If so, might I be so bold as to ask if you might want to exchange addresses? ^^;))
Yep, all SubaSeka rambling. Generally about me predicting Rhyme badness. D:

AIM: sun flies high
MSN: gray.sky.morning@hotmail.com
Yahoo!: framed.colors@yahoo.com
GTalk: sun.flies.high@gmail.com


AIM and Yahoo are my main ones.
I figured so, since I saw the ライム and some mention of her being cute. It's so sad, isn't it? D: She was such a sweet character...

Noted~ I'm usually on Trillian, so I've got no problem with whichever you like best^^ I'll add you there, then.
M-may I harass you too? =o
Of course! :O
I know there's supposed to be ambiguity, but I didn't even know what he was talking about until I backed up and realized the pairings listed in the title. XD In any case, it does work nicely after I noticed that? So I guess you can chalk that up to my habit of not reading titles. 8D

Oh god, I am so sick of shitty stoner stories.

Also overthinking is a pain but sometimes helps anyways... Yeah, what she said. The one with the adorable icon.
That icon is freaking adorable, isn't it? She has such good taste. *unbricks you*

You should read titles more often! My drabbles tend to have some sort of vague ambiguity to them sometimes, more especially if I don't want to specify a pairing but prefer a hint or leaning. So the pairings listed are important sometimes. Haha. :] But yay, I'm glad it works better when you realize who the pairings are. Better than not when they aren't, or something. Ah, confusing myself! And randomly feel like using this icon that has nothing to do with this comment. Weee!

Oh come on, don't you wanna read them when you're drunk?
The icon has nothing to do with the comment, but it IS pretty snazzy. =o And I guess I'll read the titles.... *DRAMATIC SIGH* XD Jk. It's a good habit to get into anyways.

Actually, when I'm drunk I'm too busy biting people and saying stupid things. You couldn't get me to focus long enough to read anything, much less a surrealist story.
Heehee, try reading it at like 3 AM >> Even harder to figure out then.

Too many writing courses?

I love this icon to bits XD Glad to know my outlook on the writing thing isn't something really weird or something...
I read it at like... 5 AM. XD That was also probably part of the problem.
One writing course: too many stoner friends.

And nah, it's not really weird~
Heehee, touche.

Oh, I see^^; That would do it...

Oooh, I write him spectacularly. *grin* But, um, I hope I don't disappoint? I'm always so nervous when I venture into new fandoms. D: *huggles* Thank you ♥.

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