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memories once believed infinite

were torn and shattered by time

{sand never falls} in a glass of broken time
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b r o k e n . t i m e
It's that little place at the corner that you always pretend is never there, because the paint is peeling and the windows are broken and there's that old crone sitting on that ancient, splintered rocking chair, knitting her days away.

It's haunted, they all say, and you laugh with all of them. After all, what is it? Nothing important, just a broken down hut and a crazy old woman with a crazy old dog that sometimes you can swear is a statue. It's a grungy little place and you've never seen the inside, because - like everyone says - it's filled with ghosts and cobwebs and intangible things.

And it's true, for inside live fairy tales.
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The rules are simple, few and everyday. Don't flame anyone, and that includes other commentors. We're not here to make a big drama party; we're just here to archive our fic and hope others can enjoy them too. Constructive criticism is fine; however, we don't like rudeness. Also, see above; we hate flames. We didn't pay for fire insurance and our extinguisher's a bit past its effective date, all right?
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