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incandescence in brokentime

[Kakashi & Sakura] ; Before You Kissed Me

: Hatake Kakashi & Haruno Sakura
Before You Kissed Me

Rated: Safe for everyone.
Requested by: monique_27
Comments: I love this pairing, and Milk Moon is sadly rotting away on FF.net. I really do intend to finish that fic... someday.

"Um," she says weakly, too sensitive to the cold wall at her back.


"We're, um, late. For the, uh, conference." Her words are both rushed and slow as she tries to think the sentences through. "We need to go. Now?"

"We're going," he says simply, and she yelps as warm breath rushes over the bottom part of her ear and up, not tickling but definitely different. It isn't like a warm breeze on a sunny day, because it is moist and she can smell tangerines.

He isn't moving and she's terrified of touching him when she tries to get past. "Kakashi-sensei? You're not moving." Ah, her eloquence is back. Now if she can just meet his eyes bravely and straighten her shoulders, with all the arrogance and assurance twenty three years of life has given her - but she can't, so she doesn't, and she stares at her feet, lips pressed tightly together.

"You look terrified." He sounds affronted and irritated, and she jerks a little at the words.

"I'm n-not," she insists doubtfully.

He laughs then, and moves suddenly so he is squatting in front of her, his face by her stomach and tilted back so he can look into her eyes. "Sakura," he says, amused, "You were the one that wanted to see me without the mask."

Her eyes jerk away and she stares at the lamp on the corner. "I never said that," she lies.

"You did," he counters, suddenly husky and low and wicked. "Right before you kissed me."


Aww, so cute! Very well-written too! I love it! :D
Thank you. =] I remember having fun writing this. Kakashi and Sakura were always awesome to write. ♥
What a romantic, clever piece of writing. I only wish it had been longer.
Yeah, it was part of mini fic requests, so... short. XD;; But I'm glad you liked it :]
We have so incredibly much in common, obviously!! :D
awwww!!!! *hug the computer*
really cute!
one of the few drabbles I've read that I wanted a full story. ^^
Aha, thank you!! :D I'm glad you like it :] :]
XD At first I thought it was a case of Kakashi molesting Sakura.. but the little twist at the end was very win. XDDDD *squeals* XD LUFF!
Ahaha yeah, that's pretty much what it was supposed to be like. :D ♥ I'm glad you liked it!

Though how the hell are people finding these old fics of mine? rofl. Oh wait, this isn't as old as I thought it was. :p

Edited at 2008-10-05 06:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, lol. Somebody replied to a post with a link to another story of yours in the kakasaku lj community:http://community.livejournal.com/kakasaku/417578.html
I looked around, and lo~! There was a few other really cute kakasaku drabbles. XD
Ah, that fic. Haha. ♥ That was fun to write. I never realized that there was a dearth of Kakashi-in-Sakura's-place fics. Hmmm.

Yeah, KakaSaku is one of my favorite pairings! Unfortunately, I don't write much on them. Hmm. I really should get back into writing fic again. :]
Seriously...there's just something about these two that satisfies me like no other pairing. It looks like Sakura bit off more than she could chew here, but I always figured that would be the case with Kakashi—if you know what I mean ;D

Well...that one was kinda obviously...

Anyways, great job. I've been a quiet lurker, but I've always enjoyed your work. And you rock my icon ♥
This is the most amazing KakaSaku icon, ever. Haha. ♥ THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT.

I'm glad you like my KakaSaku stuff. Even though I'm woefully lacking in writing anything lately. Urgh. :[ I should beat my muses into submission someday.
LOL. Thanks for enjoying it!

You and me both in the writing department. I barely managed to finish this 350+ word, barely there drabble last night. But I'm happy that, although small, it's a KakaSaku :)

Do you still take affiliates? I only have a personal writing journal, but it's sadly in need of some traffic. I feel like I'm posting my stuff into a black hole... Either way, I'm just glad I've got a lot of good to read in here ♥
FIC*** <--- it's like the important word in the sentence and I missed it. I fail...
That's okay. I KNEW WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO THERE. I'm good like that. ;)
You are extremely welcome! Hehe. ♥

I do take affiliates! Haven't thought about it for a while, but hee. ♥ I'm not sure what traffic you will get from me (considering how active I am lately!), but I will affiliate anyway. I like handing people over to good writers. :]

YOU WRITE GINTAMA. I need to watch Gintama. I've watched, like. One episode. :[ I should watch it. I keep meaning to...
Haha! I'm not sure if I actually write Gintama yet. I just managed to write one. Just one. I someday plan to write Gintoki x Kagura fic, but I find it's hard to write pairings in a fandom that's just so deliciously random and hilarious.

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! I personally think you're writing is much more mature than what I come up with, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Now I've got to hunt down a decent looking profile layout. Been meaning to do that for a while now...

Hope you don't mind, but I friended your journal. I think we'd be great friends :)
I am seriously going to have to watch Gintama. It's on my list. I just have a very big list, and only so much space...

I think we're all very, very critical of our own work. I think mine is stupid, for one. But hey! ;) Maybe you'll be good for my ego. Haha. By the way - I love your writing journal's name. :D

I friended you back and raised you an AIM buddy. XD

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