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incandescence in brokentime

[Kyouya & Haruhi & Mori] ; Knitting On A Sunny Day

Ouran Host Club
: Ootori Kyouya & Fujioka Haruhi & Morinozuka Takashi
Knitting On A Sunny Day

Rated: Safe for everyone.
For: deerlike
Comments: This was a little five-minute thing. Just one of those little blurbs that appear on a midnight high, when you're running on sugar energy and a positive glee that has to be borderline insane, you know? In any case, I see this scene happening years into their relationship, when Mori is so infected by Kyouya that his personality's undergone some subtle changes, and Haruhi's become a little less indifferent to the world. I like to think of this little drabble as a comfort fic, where it's a little piece of their everyday. Anyway, I'm rambling because my midnight high has segued into a before-dawn insanity.

"You are positively maladroit," Kyouya declared in a teasing tone that she rarely heard from him.

Haruhi frowned ferociously at the yarn in her hands, hopelessly tangled beyond any sort of recognition whatsoever, and tried to ignore Takashi's silent laughter beside her--shoulders jerking a little with the effort, lips twitching, eyes dancing in his otherwise still face.

"I'm certain," she said slowly, "That the problem was somewhere on the fifth direction. After that everything just became so confusing--"

"Oh, of course," Kyouya nearly drawled, coming to stand behind her and read the book in question. "Obviously it had to be that."

"Well, I don't see why it turns out like this after I follow the instructions so explicity!" she nearly snapped--something very unusual for her temperament. Then, defeated, she began to laugh. And giggle, just a little, like a child who has seen the joke and wants to share it with the world. "Oh, okay. So it wasn't even under control at that point.. but honestly, can you knit, Kyouya?"

"Of course," Takashi answered for him, for the first time involving himself in their teasing of his own accord, a teasing note in his voice--a soft inflection most would probably never recognize.

"They teach it to us at a young age, of course, as a necessary skill for survival," Kyouya expanded, vainglorious as any young man heir to a vast corporation, then began to leer in a much more common way as he leaned over and brought her hair to his lips. "We like to be quite skillful with our hands, my dear."

Haruhi felt her breath catch, just a moment, at the look on his face. Then she turned to Takashi in hopes of a less sexually charged conversation. And this time she sighed, a soft little lost sigh, as his lips curved just faintly in a sensual smile she only saw in their bedroom. "Well," she managed, without sounding too choked by the seduction muffling her thoughts, "It would be horrible to lose out on such... education, I suppose."

"Horrible indeed," Kyouya murmured.


Ha! Now I am imagining Haruhi and Gwendal from KKM knitting together, and Tamaki and Greta being equally dismayed but supportive of the terrible things they produce. Kyouya and Mori are welcome to leer in the background. <3
OH MY GOD! GWENDAL!!! *totally flips out* You have infected me!! XD

May 2010

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